Change management for results (SF6®CONCEPT)


  • Management and control system's development projects are typically changes in organizational and management practices realized by the co-operaton between management and personnel.
  • The project's results lead to a significant improvement in productivity (profitability) and in the quality of working life.
  • Points of development are: Work processes, organizing work, method's of work, funtional networking, staff involved development and innovation, management, management know-how, as well as reward and performance assessment systems.
  • Project's are realized by a working interaction between management, personnel, and the consultant. During the project, the external consultant is responsible for documentation, control or project group work, as well as procedures relating to perperation and reporting.


  • Arvoverkko Oy's change management model of operation
  • To modify an organization's strategy as well as results and development aims into practical operation. The results are a motivated staff who are commited to their objectives.
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  • Using the SF6 Concept clarifies a coherent operation of management and control systems, and ensures staff commitment to making a profit.)
  • Arvoverkko Oy's quality ensured program that we observe in all of our procedures.)


  • Improvement by all measures in job satisfaction, work safety, and job welfare Radical renewal and improvement to the business process
  • The benefits for Realco Oy in preparing a control and management systems project:
  • Personnel motivation survey.
  • Identifying bottlenecks in the process and specifying solutions
  • Definition and intialization of a year's plan in management and operational client work)Definition of principles in job familiarization practices
  • An article in Martinlaakson Huolto's customer magazine


Work organization development projects that have been realized recently in the following organiztions:

  • Q-Park Services Oy
  • Realco Oy
  • Martinlaakson Huolto Oy
  • Lomakotien Liitto ry