PK-LTS (SME Business Plan)


  • Supports the company's management in realizing strategic decisions and in business leadership and development
  • Includes the business idea, revenue model, strategy map, competitive situation, future outlook, and financial and functional development plans with follow-up procedures in mind

For whom?

Small to medium sized companies:

  • That do not have a strategy
  • That in their own opinion have a strategy but in reality do not
  • That have a strategy, but it is either inadequate or incorrect in achieving success
  • That have been able to create a competitive strategy but have not been able to put it to good use
  • That have a competitive strategy that has brought success, but strategy renewal does not happen in time


  • It is accomplished by the interaction between the consultant and the company/company management working together
  • The mark of quality gained from 15 years of experience as a company's business development specialist


4-7 days


1200 € + vat/day


  • A prerequisite for making a company's business successful and profitable
  • Formulating a written business plan supports the successful operation of the company
  • Assists the company to focus resources on the right things in the right way