• Background surveys such as an SME-Business Plan
  • Organizing and resourcing
  • Comparing the present state to the required state of processes
  • Order/delivery chain analysis (SCM) Productization of services
  • Information systems in the business process
  • Definition of indicators for control and management
  • Monitoring and procedures for continuous development
  • Project plans and analysis required for external finance

For whom?

  • For SME companies and organizations that are growing or that are becoming international
  • For SME companies that want to improve efficiency and productivity
  • For all who experience the need for an external point of view and sparring partner
  • For companies that want to explore the possibilities of business growth


  • Interviews
  • Surveys/inquiries
  • Self evaluation Workshop effort
  • Coaching
  • Before beginning procedures we survey the possibilities of utilizing public support


Max. 15 days


  • To effectively and successfully ensure the realization of the business/development plan
  • Good references from the SME field Efficient model of operation
  • The road of advancement to further development