Leadership and personnel


  • Development service for SME management and personnel development

For whom?

The service is intended for SMEs who want to improve and develop their management, personnel skills and well-being at work.

The starting point is a well-designed analysis that defines the company's current and target status, goals and development targets, and prioritises the most important development issues in the plan.


  • Implemented as an interactive work between an expert and an entrepreneur
  • Certified by more than 20 years of experience as a certified company for business development
  • More information about Arvoverkko Oy, kristian.karimo@arvoverkko.fi
  • Certificates for:
    • Analysis
    • Growth and renewal
    • Leadership and personnel
    • Startti Plus 2.0


The service may include measures to:

  • Identify and develop the quality of leadership and managerial work
  • Identify personnel's need for skills in relation to the company's future goals
  • Develop strategic planning of personnel skills and well-being at work
  • Develop and implement the HR strategy
  • Create a competence map for the CEO and key personnel
  • Develop a Personnel Management Clock
  • Develop quality management by describing and defining processes
  • Design stock option schemes and commitment schemes for key personnel and
  • Develop work processes, work organization, work methods, functional networking, competence management, and reward and performance evaluation systems


  • The competitiveness of the company's business is strengthened by improving the quality of management, personnel skills and motivation, as well as well-being at work.
  • The goal is specified in the order made by the subscriber to the service provider. The expert service is implemented in collaboration between an expert and an SME.


  • Customer's contribution is € 300 / day, ovh. € 1200 / day, VAT 0%
  • Consultations are typically 4 days complete, tailored to customer needs

Applying: http://yritystenkehittamispalvelut.fi/fi_FI/web/yritystenkehittamispalvelut/johtaminen-ja-henkilosto



List of executed Leadership and Personnel Consulting from different industries:

  • Hosting companies
  • Technical Wholesale: Industrial Products and Car Accessories
  • Import and new service innovations
  • Electrical supplies trade, industrial automation electrical components and equipment
  • IT services development company
  • A company that manufactures and distributes leather gloves
  • Earth moving and excavator company
  • Window Washer Company
  • Masonry company
  • Management consulting company
  • An SME developing new service innovation
  • SMEs in the metal industry / subcontracting industry
  • Repair companies
  • HVAC company
  • Marketing office company
  • Electricity contractor companies
  • Plastic manufacturing company