Kristian Karimo Valko-Venäjän TV:n haastattelussa

Oheisen linkin kautta nähtävissä haastattelu: https://youtu.be/zFnryRKFqQY?t=506


Käännös englanniksi:
To see the Belarusian Independence Day, Finn Christian Karimo crossed thousands of kilometers. The foreigner is impressed both by the military power of Belarus, and by pictures from the peaceful life of the country. Christian Karimo, businessman (Finland):
I really liked the wide streets, avenues. Yesterday I walked around the city, spent a lot of time in the center and appreciated the architecture of your city.

For a year now in Minsk, I have been cooperating with a Belarusian company in the field of IT technologies. You have a very good business climate.